Silver recovery from x-ray film

We are buying x-ray films for silver recovery purposes, we take out the silver from the x-ray films, the paper jackets from the x-ray films are also recycled, if you have some x-ray film for recycling we will buy it from you for the silver recovery process.

Silver prices is going up due to the high demand versus offers on silver, therefore it is very important to recover silver from all materials that is not used anymore including x-ray film of all types.

Silver reclamation from x-ray film is not as easy as described in many websites, please click here to learn more about the silver reclamation process.

B.W. Metals, Ltd is in the industry since 1995 and gain many reward from the ministry of industry and the chamber of commerce for the nature of our business and the exporting contribute to the Israeli market.

We also recycle x-ray film for silver recovery.


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