Electronics and precious metals recovery

Welcome to the homepage of B.W. Metals, ltd, The Israeli company for Electronics recycling and precious metals recovery.

B.W. Metals, ltd is one of the leader company in Israel in the industry of electronics waste, old computers and recycling of all kinds of metals including gold, palladium, copper, aluminum, stainless steel and more.

Recycling is the future, in our country there are tremendous quantities of old computers and their parts which are simply thrown to the garbage every day and it is too bad, computers and its related parts contains metals and other materials which is not exhaustible and occurs sever ecological damages.

Instead of throwing computers and parts to the garbage it is vital and worthwhile to recycle it, in some cases it is possible to make money by selling computer waste depending on the quantities.

It is also true for cellular phones, cables, automobile catalytic converters, films, fixer, aluminum and more.

We at B.W. Recycling, work hard in collecting large quantities of electronics waste and recycling it while saving our planet, we also receive old computers, monitors, printers, cell phones and more from customer who brings it to our warehouse.

All of the electronic wastes are going to an initial separating process in our facilities in Rishon Lezion and than we being shipped to refineries in Europe and the United States of America for the rest of the refining process.

We also buy copper, aluminum and other precious metals in large quantities only.

We purchase scrap catalytic converters, learn more about catalytic converters recycling.

We also recycle x-ray film for silver recovery

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