What we recycle.

Here is the following materials we recycle:

Computers and parts

  • Computers of all kinds.

  • Motherboards of all kinds.

  • Computer cards of all kinds such as video cards, audio cards, network cards, modems etc.

  • Hard drives of all kinds and sizes.

  • Drives of all kinds including CD drives, burners and DVD-ROMs.

  • Power supplies of all kinds including adapters of all types.

  • Computer cases of all kinds.

  • Keyboards and mice.

  • ADSL Modems, Cable modems, routers and switches.

  • CD's and floppy disks.


Cell phones and accessories

  • Cellular phones of all kinds older and newer styles.

  • Electronic printed circuit boards from cell phones.

  • Cell phone charges, ear pieces and Hands free kits.

  • Out of use SIM cards.

Printing products and X-Rays

  • Zincographic aluminum plates.

  • Positive and Negative Zincographic x-ray films.

  • Medical x-ray films.

  • Fixer.

Automotive parts

  • Catalytic converters for all vehicle types.

  • Aluminum engine heads.


In case you have any electronics for recycling please let us know by filling this form below:


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