Destruction of hard drives and other magnetic media.

B.W. Metals, Ltd specializes in destruction of Hard drives and all other types of magnetic media including Flash drives, zip drives, disk on key, CD's and floppy disks. The company has heavy duty shredders which is capable of permanently destruct about 2000 hard drives an hour.

The benefits of shredding hard drives and other magnetic media.

Shredding hard drives is the most safe and effective way to assure that the data is permanently destructed. As known, today is possible to restore data from hard drives even when the hard drive was formatted or even punched. Back to shredding, when the hard drives is shredded is broken into very small chips which is 100% impossible to restore a piece of data.

Also shredding hard drives is a simple and superfast procedure and very easy to monitor and or supervise. It also enables to recycle the metals such as Aluminum, Silver, Gold etc.

The hard drive destruction procedure is done under the supervision of attorney in law Mr. Shlomo Cohen.

B.W. Metals, Ltd will provide a certificate of destruction which certifies that the Hard drives was destructed.

Please note that hard drive shredding is not the company's default procedure. Therefore if you are interested in the hard drive destruction for any hard drives handled to us, please let us know, please note that there might be a charge for the shredding procedure.

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