Recycling of scrap cell phones and related parts

B.W Metals is buying all kinds of end of life cell phones for precious metals recovery as well as all other related parts

What kind of cell phone scrap we purchase

We buy all kinds of cell phones in any condition from all manufactures.

  •  Whole cell phones from all types and manufactures , with or without batteries, working on non-working, broken with missing parts.

Scrap whole cell phones for recycling

  • All types of cell phones boards in any condition, broken or cut in half with missing parts.

Scrap cell phone boards

  • Scrap cell phone batteries of all kinds in working condition or not.
  • Scrap cell phone chargers home or mobile.
  • Scrap cell phone cords, data cords cut with or without connectors.

In case you have any scrap cell phones for recycling please let us know by filling this form below:


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